Presentations from our 2021 Training Symposium/Conference

Tulsa Police Department, Tulsa, Oklahoma is  the proud host for the 2021 A.L.E.R.T. International Training Symposium/Conference.  The first and third days have provided the attendees with outstanding topics from excellent presenters while the second day of the conference was conducted at the Tulsa Police Department’s Driving Range and Hallett Speedway Track.  Our 2021 Training Symposium/ Conference is occurring September 26-30, 2021.

Here is a summary of our presentations, additional information can be found at

Oklahoma City Bombing History and Response By LT. Jason Hodges

The Future of Driving Simulation in LE Training By Pierro Hirsch and Doug Larsen

Lt. Kelly DeVoll a 29-year veteran of law enforcement presented Caliber Press’ “Legally Justified, But was it Avoidable”

Transformational Trainer By John Bostain

The Future is Now: Impact of ADAS on LE Driver Training by Joe Autera and Joseph Aretino

The Future of Digital Alerting – HAAS Alert

Annual Training Symposium/Conference

ALERT's 2021 Annual Training Symposium/Conference will be hosted by Tulsa Police Department, Oklahoma. ALERT International will also be celebrating our 30th Annual Training Symposium/ do not miss the best conference yet...see you in September 2021! Stay safe and stay well.

September 26-30, 2021