“Z-Man” Award

Mark Y. Zylawy, “Z-Man”, a highly regarded Portland police officer, died January 27, 2008 in a tragic and untimely accident. He worked in Northeast Portland for 17 years with passion, dedication and enthusiasm throughout his career. In memory of Mark and what he stood for in regards to Emergency Vehicle Operations Training, ALERT International has set up the “Z-Man” ACHIEVEMENT AWARD. This award is presented on an annually to the individual, unit, department that goes beyond the normal efforts to support, promote and enhance emergency vehicle operations, thus going above an beyond to support the Mission of ALERT International and supports efforts to ensure and increase the safety of his/her department’s officers.  

Albert Liebno, Jr., Charter Member and Past President of ALERT International did, has and continues to support and encourage emergency vehicle training. Al has 44 years of LE experience between the Maryland State Police and the Md. Police and Correctional Training Commissions (Md’s POST). Even as the Deputy Director for the MPCTC he continues to spend time in the classroom passing along his knowledge and experience to both recruit and in-service officers.  In addition to being an Academic and EVO instructor for Maryland his is a Below 100 instructor informing and encouraging officers across Maryland to embrace the the 5 tenants of Below 100.

Congratulations on receiving this recognition and thanks to Al for his work and efforts to enhance and support EVO training and ALERT International.

NOTE….Al wants to thank everyone who attended this year’s ALERT Training Symposium/Conference in Portland, Oregon.  Hopefully you received, at least one piece of information that you can take back to your department and pass it along to your fellow officers.  Thank you to everyone for what you do every day to make our profession a proud and honorable one.  God bless and stay safe.

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Annual Training Symposium/Conference

ALERT's 2021 Annual Training Symposium/Conference will be hosted by Tulsa Police Department, Oklahoma. ALERT International will also be celebrating our 30th Annual Training Symposium/Conference.....so do not miss the best conference yet...see you in September 2021! Stay safe and stay well.

September 26-30, 2021