Final Day of Training Symposium/Conference

Today brought everyone back to the Tulsa Renaissance Conference Center. Attendees were delighted to receive the following presentations:

“Transformational Trainer” presented by John Bostain.  Mr. Bostain is the President of Command Presence, LLC and has committed the last 23 years to law enforcement, 20 of which as a law enforcement trainer. He has presented nationally and internationally on contemporary law enforcement topics such as dynamics of officer/citizen encounters, use of force, human performance factors and instructor development.


“The Future is Now: Impact ADAS on L.E. Driver Training” by Joe Autera and Joseph Aretino, instructors with Vehicle Dynamics Institute (VDI)


“Future of Digital Alerting” by Jeremy Agulnek, HAAS Alert





“Legal Updates” by Amanda Barak, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) Legal Instructor.             Ms. Barak has an extensive education, background and experiences in a variety of positions municipal, state and federal positions.  She is a member of the State Bar of Georgia and Florida.

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Annual Training Symposium/Conference

ALERT's 2022 Annual Training Symposium/Conference will be hosted by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, Charlotte, NC. Click on the below link to get updated information for this year's ALERT International Training Symposium/Conference...see you in October 2022! Stay safe and stay well.

October 2-6, 2022