Day one training at 2019 ALERT Training Symposium and Conference…..

                                        Private Partnerships…..

Ret. Col. John Born, Ohio Highway Patrol provide an excellent presentation regarding the benefits of developing and maintaining Private Partnerships with local police agencies.

          Michigan State Police 2019 Vehicle Testing Results…
Lt Mike McCarthy, Michigan State Police spent more than an hour providing information concerning the 2019 Vehicle Testing results. There was much discuss about the preparation for, components and manner of conducting the annual testing of manufacturers police package vehicles.

                                         Using Push Bumpers….
Major Tim Keeton, Colorado State Patrol provided valuable information regarding reducing the amount of time police officers allow a roadway to be impacted by disabled and crash event vehicles are allowed to remain in the roadway reducing the flow of traffic. Particularly Major Keeton discussed the use of Push Bumpers to aid in removing the vehicles from the roadway in order to re-establish normal traffic flow. Major Keeton stress that a critical need to reduce the amount of time such vehicles remain in the travel lanes is the serious risk of injury that a police officer experiences at these scenes and the potential for a more serious event involving other vehicles that are behind the scene that the police is managing.

                        Risk Management & Driver Training….
Dale Stockton, Captain (Retired) Carlsbad Police Dept. involved the conference participates in several critical issues relating to the extreme hazardous situations that police officers create for themselves. Capt. Stockton repeated stressed Gordon Graham’s, philosophy that…”if it is predictable then it is preventable. Police officers many times create hazardous situations for themselves by what they do or more importantly what they don’t do…wear seat-belts, put on their vest, wear reflective material devices.

It was an excellent first day for our annual conference. Check back tomorrow to learn what took place at the Adams County (Flat Rock) and Colorado State Patrol Driving Facilities.

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Annual Training Symposium/Conference

ALERT's 2021 Annual Training Symposium/Conference will be hosted by Tulsa Police Department, Oklahoma. ALERT International will also be celebrating our 30th Annual Training Symposium/ do not miss the best conference yet...see you in September 2021! Stay safe and stay well.

September 26-30, 2021