ALERT International is proud the announce the winner of the 2012 Z-Man Award Winner  for outstanding instructor and program.  The winner is Thomas J. Witczak from the State of Wisconsin. 

Tom has devoted his career in law enforcement to emergency and pursuit driving.  He is a master instructor, trainer-of-trainers, expert witness to the courts, advisory committee member for Wisconsin and author of many phases of the Wisconsin student and instructor training guides for EVOC.

He has been instrumental in several changes in the traffic laws in Wisconsin that have had a positive impact on officer safety. 

Wisconsin requires all sworn officers to complete a four hour session of pursuit training every 2 years.  Not only did Tom promote this legislation, but he was the primary source in writing the curriculum to be used throughout the state for this training.  Tom set up the original train-the-trainer program and for several years, was the only primary instructor for this program.  He has since expanded this training to other certified training sites.  All certified EVOC Instructors are required to have an annual 8 hour update training session.  For a number of years, Tom has been the go to guy for this training.

Tom wrote the original EVOC manual for the State of Wisconsin and was      identified as a contributing source in the National EVOC Training Manual. 

ALERT International has benefited greatly from Tom’s knowledge, dedication and experience throughout the years.  He is one of the charter members of ALERT and is currently the North Central Region 3 Representative.

Tom was given the award at the 2012 National Conference in Knoxville (TN) on September 13, 2012. 

Travis Yates, President of ALERT International, states that “Tom is the example for us all to set.  I can’t think of a better person for this important award.  Tom Witczak has spent his career helping others and training officers in emergency vehicle operations.  We will never know the influence he has had on generations of law enforcement officers.”

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